Paul Eiding is an American voice actor, best known for his work on animated series playing Grandpa Max in Ben 10, Perceptor in Transformers, and Nozone in Toxic Crusaders, as well as his video game work including such roles as Colonel Campbell in Metal Gear Solid,  and both Aldaris and Executor in the Starcraft series (demanding and reinforcing the need and desire for additional pylons), and of course Fallout 3 and 4 where he plays basically every old man you meet.

Richard Fairgray is a comic creator from New Zealand, he has more published books than there are bones in the human body (assuming normal skeleton with maximum margin of error of 12 at present date) and has done all this while being pretty much entirely blind. His left eye is dead and his right one is little and winky and only sees a tiny bit. Richard published his first comic when he was 7-years old and hasn’t stopped since.

In 2014 Paul and Richard met while on a sailboat in the middle of a partially frozen lake. Each swathed in a disposable poncho to protect themselves from rain. Paul, seeing Richard was cold, used his passive aggression to make another passenger give up their blanket for him. The other passenger then had to go inside, which made everyone happy. A few months later they began what would be an incredibly valuable friendship and working relationship that will last until one of them is dead.